Project file for [X] has been modified externally, overwrite?

I'm getting an annoying behavior from IntelliJ that I can't figure out how to stop.

I fire up IntelliJ 7.0.4, build 7941, create a brand new project, and then close it down.

Lately I get a yes/no dialog popping up every time that says "Project file for has been modified externally, overwrite?", where X is always the name of a past project that I've created, not the new one that I was just working on. I answer "no" twice and IntelliJ exits.

I search on the project XML files for the name X, but it doesn't appear.

Could such a thing be hiding in my settings? I can't find it. The product works as beautifully as it ever did, but it's driving me nuts figuring out what I've done wrong.


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My apologies - this is clearly NOT the correct forum for this question. I'll post a link to this in the IntelliJ forum.



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