EAP - Custom Builds

We would like to perform a build by giving a tag or branch name as a input parameter. is this something you could add?

This would mean we can retire the web page we use to build from tags for Integration, QA and Production and use TC exclusively.



Please watch/vote for this issue: http://jetbrains.net/tracker/issue/TW-4149
Chances are this issue will be fixed soon.

Pavel Sher


I'm not sure this is what Trevor meant - is it Trevor? That bug talks about using other properties in the build labeling process. I think what Trevor meant, and what we would like to do as well, is to define the branch or tagname to build in our VCS root as a property that gets filled in at build time. This will allow you to perform a custom build by providing the tag or branch to check out at the moment you click build. I've tried this and it doesn't seem to perform any property substitution on the VCS root tagname or branch.


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ok, after reading the discussion associated with the tracker, this seams to be what i am looking for. Thanks!

essentially, build MyBuild with code from $. couple this with the Custom Build feature and we are all set. basically, we wanted the tag/branch to be a parameter to the build.


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