TC Build doesnt bring over all the necessary references

I have 3 projects in my solution. One is a web project and the other 2 are class libraries. One of the class libraries has about 15 dependencies and they all are marked as "Copy Local = True". Web project has class library as a project reference and its also marked as copy local = true. When project is build inside VS2008 all necessary libraries are being copied into the bin folder, however on the build server most dlls are missing. I found this entry on google but that is not what i have. In the worst case scenario i guess i can create a post build event to copy all the dlls but i wonder if there is anth i can do to fix it in TC. We use SLN2008 build runner.


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It is true that TeamCity uses MSBuild to run SLN2008 solutions. There was a solution described in the google link you've sent to add ]]> element for msbuild project to make the reference CopyLocal for MSBuild.

On the other hand, one can setup output for all projects to the same folder.

Finally, you may consider writing your own msbuild script to wrap running .sln file and do all the coping tasks after the build of solution file.



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