FxCop Runner incorrectly splitting paths with a space

TC Build 7757
Using the FxCop Runner
If I enter the following as my as my assemblies inspection path:
Assemblies to inspect: "Dev\Suite Deployments\SuiteDeploymentManagement\bin\debug\*.dll"

The result file contains the following:

  • Could not load file: 'Dev\Suite /f:Deployments\SuiteDeploymentManagement\bin\debug\*.dll'.

The Logfile contains:
Running "c:\Program Files\Microsoft FxCop 1.36\FxCopCmd.exe" /f:"Dev\Suite /f:Deployments\SuiteDeploymentManagement\bin\debug\*.dll" /out:05A1B22A-DE6E-49ae-AA30-DC52A074EF22\fxcop-result.xml

So it would appear that you are interpreting a space as an indication of a new path/file even when that space is inside quotes.

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