Trouble connecting with agent


I just started testing out Teamcity. ...and I almost instantly ran into a problem - The build agents wont connect to the server.

I have verified through wireshark that there are packets beeing sent back and forth between my computer and the build server. agent wont show up in the web ui though.

If I install an agent on the build server and connect, it shows up almost instantly. No matter if I'm connected through my computer or the build server.

Any ideas on how to fix this?

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If agent connected to the server for the first time it is considered unauthorized. Only person with necessary access rights (for example system administrator) can authorize such agent. Try to login as system administrator and check the unauthorized agents subtab below the Agents tab.

Pavel Sher

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Hi again!

Thanks for your reply. The solution was quite embarasing. ...I thought I was logged in as an administrator, but I wasn't. That was the problem.

Thanks again!



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