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Hi Ppl !!

Really happy to join this forum and looking forward to exchange more views/queries/suggestions..

We are currently making use of Telelogic Synergy (Change and CM Synergy) for all our issue tracking, version control and build management activities. And, we propose to use Team City or Hudson for the relevant SCRM activities for some of the other projects. The architecture of the projects would be in .Net, Java and Cobol.

In this regard, i would like to know which would be the best option to build .Net, Java and Cobol applications, whether Hudson or Team City. As far as i have examined in the past two or three days, Team City has better features comparitively, but i am not exactly sure in terms of the build management activities (ex: branching of project A for parallel development as well as for QA//UAT/Production fixes, merging), etc.,

It would be more clear for me to understand if someone can throw more light on its effectiveness..

Please let me know if you would need some more information from my end.

Many thanks in advance and expecting a suitable reply :)

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I'm afraid, TeamCity doesn't support Telelogic Synergy as a version control system (unless it uses some better known underlying version control, like subversion).
You can use TeamCity without integration with SCM, but in this case, you'll miss a lot of TeamCity's functionality.

TeamCity works quite nicely to create .NET and Java builds, has integration with Visual Studio, Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEA IDEs. It also has some unique features, like
pre-tested commit, ongoing test reporting.

Regarding Cobol builds, you can run any simple command-line-based build. TeamCity also allows to report custom tests via simple service messages (simple echo to output).
All general test engines, like NUnit/JUnit/TestNG/MSTests are supported out of the box.

Cannot compare to Hudson, it woudn't be fair anyway :)


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Thanks Kirill !!

We too had the same thought of using Subversion as a version control tool integrated with Team City.. Hope that would be a best pair !!

Will come back with more questions..

Any supportive guide or document related to Team City would be of great help !!

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You can find TeamCity reference at



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