Is it possible to change build runner directory

I'm a newbie to TeamCity.

So - I build my project - and I see that build runner stores it in some strange named directory named smth like '7FDE3421....' (looks not unlike guid).
I don't like it - can I force build runner to build project somewhere else (or can I simply rename this dir)????

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There is checkout directory on the VCS settings page. You can specify the directory you like. But remember that you can get non desirable behaviour if another build configuration will point to the same directory. I would suggest you to leave managing of build working directories to TeamCity, unless you have some serious problems with it (like your build must be built in the specific directory only).

Pavel Sher

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This is a working directory for the agent.. you shouldn't even have to go in there. Remember in a larger system your project may be executed on any number of agents - not always one place.

if you need information from the working directory, you can use artifacts to pull that data back out of the directory and make it available to other projects/people/etc.

Why do you need the working directory to be a fixed place?


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