Clean up task not deleting old artificats

Team City 3.1 on Win2003

We are not using a database for storage and our file system is getting full with old artifacts because a few of our projects create very large (300+meg) artifacts.

I have a clean up policy defined that has general and specific rules
delete history after 30 days delete artifacts after 14 days ]]> delete artifacts after 2nd successful build

I click the button to run the cleanup job now and it claims it only took 34 seconds. I goto the Project Page for Nightly Release Build and 20 builds are still listed (expected) but the artifacts are still listed as available on all of them (they should have been deleted). On the file system, they are all still there too.

From the documentation, having more specific rules like the above should work. But its not deleting artifacts after 2 good builds. What else could be wrong??

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Are there any builds depending on these artifacts by artifacts dependency? In TeamCity 3.1 artifacts are not cleaned in such case until builds that used these artifacts are cleaned. Try to review cleanup policy of dependent build configurations. In TeamCity 4.0 we are going to address this issue.

Pavel Sher

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So there is one project that does have an artifact dependancy on this build. What state must this project be cleaned to for it to not hold up the artifacts of the other build?

Does the build iteration need to be completely removed? Just history or just artifacts?


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