TFS changes: VCS modification detected by VCS root <VCS root> ignored.


We are currently using TeamCity 3.1.2 and Team Foundation Server 2005. The issue I'm about to list only occurs on our Build Server. TeamCity works fine on developer machines.

The problem is that Continuous Integration in TeamCity isn't working; it doesn't detect any changes after a developer checks-in.

Also, when we force a build on our Build Server, the Web UI does not list any entries in the "changes" column for that Build Configuration.

The only warning/error being logged is the error detailed in the subject line.

Anyone have any ideas?


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Do you have only one vcs root?

Please try running the build after 'clean source' command.


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Ok I worked it out. Our build configuration has 3 roots. Listed below are the original mappings we specified as checkout rules for each of these roots:


Altering the above checkout rules to the format listed below addresses the issues we encountered:



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