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Hello all,

I hope this is is a right place to ask question in regard to Watin Test Recorder, if not please move it to right sub-forum.

My question is that I am evaluating WatiN for our AUT and I have recorded few steps with test recorder but I find a problem in the code that is generated by test recorder. the place where iFrames are there, recorder produces code somewhat like this:
ie.//Unknown Element: IFRAME(Find.ByName("contentFrame)).Click();

I get the code generated when i record but sometimes it takes wrong field name and then fails and where there is IFRAME it does not recognize it. fo exapmle pls see this code;
ie.//Unknown Element: IFRAME(Find.ByName("contentFrame)).Click();
Now I need to know where i can modify these tests. And what is the role of TestRecorder just to help understand basic concept of writing test script's code here. please let me know if there is any help given anywhere which tells the step by step process of other options of TR viz. Run in C# and other environment, and compile only in all the environment, tehre is no study material in Watin Test ecoder's home page. How do I do that i dont see any documentation for that. where do I update my testscripts. Please provide me soem reference material for the same.

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You should probably post this to WatiN forums. There does not seem to be any TeamCity-specific in your issue


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