Can an email be sent by TeamCity administrator to all registered users?

I recently found myself needing to send an email to all users of TeamCity in our company to warn them about TC server upgrade. It would be nice to have a text box somewhere in "Administration" panel where I could type a message and hit the "Send" button, and it sends an email to everyone who has an email address set in their TC account. Is there such a feature or a workaround or should I open a request in the issue tracker? I'm aware of the existing notification email request, but my case seems to be different.


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There is no such feature yet. Please create an issue in the tracker. In the meantime this can be implemented as a plugin.
This should probably be a special type of notification type "System messages" that users can subscribe to (if should be ON by default for e-mail notifications)

A related issue is ability to display a message to the users on TeamCity web UI.

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Thanks. I logged the request as TW-5950.


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