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as bad a practice as it is, i have a svn repository that has a tree full of symbolic links. this works because it was never intended to be used on windows. indeed, the latest svn 1.5.2 client still treats symlinks "properly" on unix; however, svnkit appears not to. my problem is that my teamcity build (running on unix, both agent and server) creates it's working copy full of text files with the symlink information in them, as a svn client running on windows would. i would like/expect it to behave like the svn-1.5.2 client on unix and actually create symlinks.

i tried setting 'system.svnkit.symlinks' = true in the buildconf to no avail...

so.. am i SOL? it would be awesome if someone here could tell me one way or the other...


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Please switch to agent-side checkout in the Version control settings of the TeamCity build configuration. The symlinks should work fine with this setting.

I've also created an issue to support the symlinks for server-side checkout.

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