Integration Test limitations?

I'm running an integration test suite, using maven w/in TeamCity. All the tests run fine outside of TeamCity (and it's build agents) but one test (only one test) fails while being run w/in TeamCity.

What's different about this test? It uses http to connect to a remote webservice (using the axis client side soap stack).

Are there any specific limitations to contacting external web services from within a process started by a TeamCity build agent?

Thanks in advance,

-- Langley

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Do you run your agent as service? Does the test pass if agent is started via agent.bat? If so then this issue can be somehow related to windows access rights. Probably you will need to change user under which the agent service is running.

Pavel Sher

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Yes, I believe it may be the agent's rights, but I'm running under linux. The test that is failing for me is one that uses an axis 2 client stub to talk to a webservice. I noticed the axis libraries in /buildAgent/plugins/idea/plugins/WebServices/lib/axis-1.4.0

Can someone tell me if these are used by the agent at runtime? Perhaps I'm having a strange class collision problem between the two different versions of axis. (?)


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