Incorporating MbUnit html report in report tab

Hi guys,

Just getting used to TeamCity as I try to migrate from CC.NET. I'm finding a lot of great advantages with TC but the report integration from CC.NET has always been great (and just worked).

I'm struggling trying to get MbUnit reports incorporated into my dashboard. I looked at the "Including Third-Party Report" page and its fine. However I'm confused about the basePath in the report-tab. I've added this to my main-config.xml:

<report-tab title="MbUnit Results" basePath="build\test-reports\" startPage="mbunit.html" />

That's because all my builds will write out the test report to that structure in their own artifact directory. I'm missing something here because I don't see a new tab and I don't think this is right. I've added this path to my artifact path in my build runner and the files are there. I just don't see how to get a tab showing the results?

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Hello Bil,

I think you didn't specify artifacts for your report for your builds.
Please add the following to your artifacts field:

build/test-reports => build/test-reports

After that your test reports should be available via Artifacts tab and the dedicated tab for your report should be available as well.


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Thanks Kirill. That did the trick. Maybe I wasn't reading the documentation but it didn't seem that clear to me to do this. Now I just have to get test counts exposed.

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BTW. Starting from 3.0.4 Gallio/MBUnit supports TeamCity native way to report tests results. Does that works for you?

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I'll be looking at Gallio sometime in the near future but need to spike it out first rather than trying it out on a running project. Also with our heterogenous environment (running various versions of MbUnit/NUnit/xUnit/VS2003/05/08) it's a bit of a balancing trick getting the tools not to clobber each other.



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