SVN error on label task - Need assistance

I’m getting the following error when labeling builds; anyone have any suggestions?

Failed: Failed to set label 'build-SVNTestA-1.0.11': Labeling the path 'SVNTestA/trunk' to 'SVNTestA/tags/build-SVNTestA-1.0.11' has failed with the error: svn: Authentication required for '<svn://> ed00cf0f-cdb0-1a42-b61b-b5e9e26c2d77'

I’ve tested a command-line SVN labeling operation (svn copy SOURCE_URL TAG_URL) using the same credentials I set up in the VCS Root, and it worked.


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Hello Deb,

I've filed a ticket for your problem: .
Could you please provide details about your setup in comments to the ticket, including TeamCity version,
VCS root configuration, checkout rules (if any) and labeling rules.

Kind regards,

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Thanks for the quick response! This has actually been resolved now; I've added the info to the ticket, and am including it here as well:

...The problem was with the SVN server configuration, specifically the conf/authz file had read-only access set for the target path for the label. Removing the read-only restriction and restarting the service resolved the issue. (This SVN server is running as a service on WindowsXP.)


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