Using TeamCity for (Peer) Code Review

My company is currently evaluating tools to help improve code quality. In an ideal world, every commit in the source code repository would be manually reviewed by another person in the team, before going into production.
That would be very effective to guarantee good code quality but we just don't have the resources (time) to check every commit of our peers, so we're targeting a suboptimal approach: running a set of inspections on every commit and only if it fails one of those inspections, then that change would be peer reviewed. Also, that peer reviewing process would have to be very simple: just see the inspection report and viewing a diff of the file in the browser, without having to use an IDE.

Is this possible (maybe with some adaptations) using TeamCity? I know that the next version of TeamCity will have delayed commit, but can that commit be reviewed by other person besides the author? How would you acomplish this process (with or without TeamCity)? Any comments and suggestions would bemuch appreciated?

Thanks in advance,

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Hello Pedro,

TeamCity already has delayed or pre-tested commit feature, i.e. each commit can go thorough unit-testing/inspections build and if these builds are successful,
the change is actually committed to SCM.

While change is being tested by TeamCity, a peer can review the changed files via WebUI (colored diff view). In-house, for some tricky changes we ask colleagues to review the change which is being tested by TeamCity, before actual commit to the repository.

For changes in repository, TeamCity can also show the diff for files, so changes are also available for the review.

All of this is not "true" support for code review functionality, but can also be useful, especially in pair with pre-tested commit feature.

Kind regards,


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