Dependencies do not work

I'm trying to setup the build of 2 projects: project A depends on artifact produced by project B
So, I added a dependency by artifact

There are two problems:
- If there are changes to project B, build of project A is not triggered
- TC does not want to unzip the contents of .zip file (B artifact). The rule is just "!**". If I specify just "", everything works, zip gets downloaded, but I have to add a workaround to project A build to unzip it

Are these known problems? Using build 7757

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Hello Igor,

Regarding the first question - I think you should add an explicit build dependency trigger to build A.
You may find it in the "Build triggers" section.

Regarding the second point - in the latest EAP you can specify reference to a file from withing archive.
I.e. build B can upload zip, and build A can obtain either whole zip or extract some file from it.
Please read more at:


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Thanks for the help!
Builds are triggered now.
It would be nice to have a link from "Dependencies" page to enable triggering when adding a new dependency.

Regarding second point -
I could not get it working, although I've read the doc pages a few times and tried many settings.
a simple rule like "!**" just does not work, but "" works.

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Can you provide more details? What is the message? What is the output in the agent's console (or wrapper.log if run as a service)?
Does it reproduce with any .zip file?

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A quick question - did this feature (extracting files from zip) appear in 7888? I'm running 7757


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