Consistently hanging build

I hate to post such an open ended question as this but I really just don't know where to start with this. I have one build that hangs every time it runs on any agent (EAP 7888). An EXACT copy of the build runs fine on all agents in a separate 3.1 cluster.

Any pointers on where to start trying to isolate a problem like this? The build in question is running tests (long JUnit based full scenario tests) against our web application running in Tomcat. It starts fine and runs around 15 to 20 of the tests out of 400 before hanging. Other similar builds are running fine.

The server is linux, the agents are all Windows XP.

Thanks for any leads.


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Have you tried to make thread dump? There should me "view thread dump" link on the running build results page.

Pavel Sher


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