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I'm attempting to rig up a mechanism in teamcity that will allow me to aggregate information from a number of different builds. I'm stuck on my last step wonder if anyone has ideas on how this could be accomplished.

My process is:

1) Build Config 1: Check out code and build an installer, archive it as an artifact (no problem)
2) Build Config 2-6: Download artifact, run the installer, produce test reports and archive them (this happens on many different os's, no problem)
3) Build Config 7: AFTER builds 2-6 are complete, get all archived test reports, merge them together and push them to a web server

So step 3 is where I have a question. Is there any way to trigger build 7 ONLY after 2 - 6 are done? I'm open to hacky approaches. ;)

Ruel Loehr

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This could be done in TeamCity 4.0. For this you should add a so-called dependency by sources in Build 7 on builds 2-6 (BTW builds 2-6 may also depend by sources on build 1). In this case Build 7 will wait till all builds 2-6 are finished. Moreover all builds combined by such kind of dependency will be run on same sources (if they share the same VCS root) or on sources on the same moment of time (if VCS roots are different).

Pavel Sher


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