TeamCity Calcutta (4.0) EAP, build 7940, is available

New TeamCity EAP release (build #7940) is ready for download!

This is one of the last EAP releases before that final 4.0 release that is due in weeks.
Do not miss your chance to try the EAP build and report any critical issues you may encounter.

In this build:
- Numerous bug fixes
- Eclipse plugin now supports remote run for files under Perforce. Also, both Subclipse and Subversive for Subversion integration are supported.
- Other improvements in search, Perforce support.

Read about the changes in the release notes.

Download the EAP build at

Please do not forget to backup your TeamCity data before upgrading.

As always, your feedback is highly appreciated!

Happy building,
The JetBrains TeamCity Team

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