Inspection on 64 bit JDK

My inspection runs out of memory. I want to run it on 64 bit JVM, but only for the inspection build, because another build with coverage (Emma) fails on 64 bits. This means I cannot set env.JAVA_HOME on the agent. Can I change the inspection runner's JDK for the build? I tried setting JAVA_HOME in the environment settings of the inspection build, but that does not work.

I suspect that the answer is not. In this case you need to add this to the feature list.

I would suggest adding user named JDK profiles, with different JVM settings. E.g. Java6.64bit.server.3GB. Then the user can just pick them for any runner of a project.

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I was trying to limit the scope of inspection (exclude some java packages), but it does not look like I can do that.

Edited by: Vadim Pesochinskiy on Nov 7, 2008 10:59 PM

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Hello Vadim,

Actually, you can limit the scope of inspections.
Please read about this at the bottom of


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Sorry about this. I tried to search for it, but I did not bother to read the whole page. Running the Google search below gets the answer right away. Thanks a lot. exclude classes from inspection


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