JUnit + TeamCity Integration Issues


I am having ant script which is being configured with Junit tasks. I am using TeamCity 4.0 EAP 7888 latest build and found that it s not able to recognize JUnit results in the TeamCity. I am using Ant Runner which is available in TeamCity. Ant script is having JUnit script for running testcases. I am not able to see TestsTab also.Note: I am able to see the Junit results in the build log of TeamCity, but not in the UI. Please provide some pointers how to show my Unit Test results (Junit) in TeamCity.

Ant Script Tasks:

<java classname="$" fork="true">
<arg value="$"/>


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Please modify your Ant build script to launch your tests with help of standard Ant JUnit task. After that TeamCity will recognize your tests.

Pavel Sher


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