TeamCity build repeatedly fails on an area of code that hasn't been touched

These are the facts:
We currently have 5 Version Control System (VCS) mappings from Team Foundation Server to the TeamCity server for:
- Architecture branch
- Checkout Redesign branch
- Dev branch
- Hotfix branch
- Prod branch

- We have 6 Build Configurations in TeamCity that each use one of the 5 VCS mappings
- 5 of the 6 Build Configurations in TeamCity work exactly as they are supposed to
- Only the "Build Solution - PROD" Build Configuration errors out periodically with the following message:
-- "Merchandising\Reports\UserTable.aspx.cs(46, 21): error CS0012: The type 'CompanyName.DataAccess.BaseDataManagerDB' is defined in an assembly that is not referenced. You must add a reference to assembly 'CompanyName.DataAccess, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=d6e20260ef7f03ff'. Merchandising\WebCategories\WebCategoryDetails.aspx.cs(253, 13): warning CS0168: The variable 'ex' is declared but never used /SiteAdministration.csproj/global.asax(1, 0): error ASPPARSE: Could not load type 'CompanyName.SiteAdministration.Global'."
- When this error occurs, it was NOT the code that was changed.
- Logging on to the Build Server, opening Visual Studio, and doing a "force get" on the PROD branch "fixes" the issue
- The issue remains fixed for awhile, but always resurfaces.

Any ideas on this one?


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What are mapping for that failing build configuration?
Could you please add those mappings. How much VCS roots are used for that build?

Could you please describe the history of that broken file.

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We are mapping the Prod branch VCS to the "Build Solution - PROD" Build Configuration and the only thing it does is get the code from TFS and build using the sln2005 runner.

Now for the history of the file...

6 months ago we had a developer that merged code from the DEV branch to the PROD branch and there were issues with the code. The business wanted to go live and the code had to be removed. Rather than remove the offending code in the DEV branch, merge that change into the PROD branch, and then add the code back into the DEV branch, the code was deleted from the PROD branch in source control and manually added back into the DEV file structure.

Since then, there has been at least one deploy a week without incident. We used to use CC.NET and it never seemed to have the issue. This was only brought to light after we migrated to TeamCity.

Let me know if you need more information.

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I have created issue in out tracker for that problem. Let's continue our discussion there


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