VCS roots usage?

My repo is setup with a top level dir containing my projects and a library directory that holds shared files by all projects. For the project1 build I need to check out project1 and the library directory but I don't want to checkout the other projects. I tried using 2 vcs roots for project1 and library but I'm getting project1 reference errors for files that are in library. I don't want to checkout from the top level directory because it would then checkout all of the projects just to build project1.

I don't really want to use the exclude checkout rules because I would constantly have to update it everytime new projects are added.

Anyone have ideas?

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This one's easy, but it took me a while to figure it out (it's not clear in the TC documentation). If you use include rules, as opposed to exclude, only those items that are specifically included will be checked out. So, you could just use one shared repo root (pointing at the base of your repository) and then have checkout rules like

+:Projects/project1/trunk => project1
+:Library => lib

on each separate build configuration. Does that help?


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