Third-Party Reports - unable to get tab to display SOLVED

Could someone point out where I am going wrong with my <report-tab/> configuration? The tab on the build result page never shows up.

<report-tab title="PMD" basePath="./" startPage="pmd_report.html"/>


.../work/b89a7a55487e31c$ ls
coverage coverage.em coverage.txt pmd_report.html


I have also tried

<report-tab title="PMD" basePath="pmd_report.html"/>
<report-tab title="PMD" startPage="pmd_report.html"/>

but nothing appears to be working.

I was able to get a tab to appear when I used

<report-tab title="PMD" basePath="" />

so I it must work.



The basePath needs to be added as an artifact that will be available in the build artifacts. You can do this in Build Configuration > General Settings > Artifacts Path.

metrics/build/metrics/results/*/_report.html => metrics/results

Which allows you to do this
<report-tab title="PMD" basePath="metrics/results/pmd/aai/" startPage="pmd_report.html"/>

The answer actually came from Re: Incorporating MbUnit html report in report tab

I'm not sure why just creating an Artifact Path and <report-tab/> like below doesn't appear to work.
<report-tab title="PMD" basePath="metrics/build/metrics/results/pmd/aai" startPage="pmd_report.html"/>

Edited by: Ferrer Rusty on Nov 21, 2008 1:52 AM

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