Multiple build runners

Is it possible to have one build configuration with multiple build runners? For example I want to have sln2008 run a build, then use the command line to do some automatic installation activities. I realize that I could use nAnt, but that would add one more file per project to maintain a build.


Dan Lash

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Thats good idea. Could you please submit it to our tracker at

On the other hand, you may create wrapping msbuild script.


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in case it's useful to you: for all my continuous integration, I've moved away from MSBuild and NAnt to use Rake instead. It's a lot more flexible and easy to maintain, yet very powerful. Instead of handling XML, you write Ruby code (definitely more reusable too).

What I do is that rake acts as a wrapper, then I call MSBuild for a specific task when it's relevant (like: compile the solution), or MBUnit console to launch the test etc, or FXCop...

I usually create a specific Rake task for continuous integration which acts as a "multiple build runner" (here two configurations, one for continuous, one for larger release):

desc "Continuous integration task"
task :continuous_integration => [:clean, :compile, :test] do

desc "Full release stuff"
task :full_release => [:continuous_integration, :integration_testing, :deploy] do

Hope this helps!



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