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Because  of  IP issues, I would like to prevent some of our teamcity users to open the diff report when checking changes.
People are allowed to check the comments and references to issue reports in comments thoiugh.

The reason is that QA of our clients is allowed access to teamcity and can start release candidate deliveries.
However, we don't want to give our code away.

How can I achieve this?



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It is possible if you are using Enterprise version of TeamCity. For this you need to create new role in the .BuildServer/config/roles-config.xml file, something like this:

  <role id="QA" orderNum="15" name="QA staff">
      <include role-id="PROJECT_VIEWER"/>
      <permission id="RUN_BUILD"/>
      <permission id="CUSTOMIZE_BUILD_PARAMETERS"/>
      <permission id="CUSTOMIZE_BUILD_REVISIONS"/>
      <permission id="CANCEL_BUILD"/>
      <permission id="PIN_UNPIN_BUILD"/>
      <permission id="TAG_BUILD"/>
      <permission id="COMMENT_BUILD"/>
      <permission id="LABEL_BUILD"/>
      <permission id="TAKE_RESPONSIBILITY"/>
      <!-- permission id="VIEW_FILE_CONTENT"/ --> <!-- this permission controls source code browsing (web diff) -->
      <permission id="REORDER_BUILD_QUEUE"/>
      <permission id="VIEW_AGENT_DETAILS"/>
      <permission id="VIEW_AGENT_USAGE_STATISTICS"/>

Then grant this role to QA users in the project instead of "project developer". Modifications in roles-config.xml does not require server restart, they will be loaded by server on the fly.

Pavel Sher


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