Dependent build configuration build number

Is it possible to have a build configuration take the build number from the configuration it is dependent on?

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If build configuration A depends on B by snapshot dependency you can use the following undocumented property:
%dep.<B build conf id>

Pavel Sher

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You guys are brilliant! That works perfectly. Any chance that property will be documented in the future?

Just for anyone's future reference, the property reference would be if the target configuration's buildTypeId happens to be bt85. You can get the buildTypeId from the link to the dependency build configuration. That took me a couple of tries to figure it out.

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Yes it's a good feature!

It should be a good idea to be able to get the build number of the build which has triggered the current build!

something like this :

and/or a pattern : {triggerBuilNumber}

And is there any way to get the build that has triggered the running build programmatically?

something like this : SRunningBuild.getTrigger()



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Hello Xavier,

   Regarding the API to access TriggeredBy information, please see SBuild::getTriggeredBy (available only in TC 4.0+).

   Good point about Could you please file this into our tracker?

   Kind regards,



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