Duplicate builds in queue

I have a number of continuous builds setup (30 in fact) and only 8 build agents. It is very common that all of these builds fire off at once since they all depend on a common code base that changes fairly often (don't get me started on that). That means that at least 22 builds will be queued. If, while all the agents are busy, another commit is made then more builds will be queued. The thing is, only the last build to be queued really needs to be run for a VCS triggered build. Is there any built in mechanism to remove earlier queued builds or do I need to write a plugin?

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  I suppose you're using TeamCity 4.0 and you have enabled quiet period for your builds. If you'll disable it,
  only 1 build per build configuration will be placed to build queue (unless you're also using build dependencies).

  In TeamCity 4.0.1 we plan to add an optimization for build queue which will remove unneeded builds if they
  were triggered by VCS trigger.

  Kind regards,

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Yes, I have TC 4.0 and a quiet period.

OK, I wrote a simple plugin that removes the unecessary builds from the queue. That was pretty easy. I can remove that when we install 4.0.1.

Thank you.


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