Could not load the Visual C++ component "VCBuild.exe"


I'm trying to build via the sln2005 runner and I get the error you see as the subject.
I have .NET 2.0 SDK installed and I can run VCBuild.exe via the SDK command prompt.
I tried adding the environment variables that are being set in the SDK command prompt's batch file in TeamCity and it didn't resolve the problem.

Question: Should I be trying to add visibility to the .NET 2.0 toolchain via the environment settings in TeamCity or should I do it outside of TeamCity?

Just trying to avoid adding things to the environment globally if in fact they should be limited in scope to the individual runners.
(Don't want to use VS2008 toolchain accidentally via sln2005 runner due to toolchain executables residing in multiple locations that are both on the PATH)

Yaui (yet another user id)

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Hello Brian,

  The responsible developer will be available only on monday, because most of the JetBrains staff
  is on vacations. In the meanwhile you can consult some help at:


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Could you please check the user account that is running server service. Using LOCAL SYSTEM account may force .NET/C++ builds to fail.
You may define any environment variables using Build Configuration settings page. Please have a look on documentation page on that at

Could you please attach build log of that failing build.


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