FxCop and personal builds


We have set up two build configurations "Compile" and "FxCop". Both configurations use the same VCS root, and "FxCop" is triggered by and depends on "Compile" (snapshot & artifact dependency). What we expect to happen is the following:

  1. Developer triggers a personal build for "FxCop"
  2. "Compile" runs first and incorporates the developers local changes. All the created *.dll get published
  3. "FxCop" runs next. It gets the sources and applies the changes (not really of importance) and gets the *.dll from the "Compile" run artifacts before it executes FxCop

The problem is in the last step. The artifacts that are copied are from the last official "Compile" build and not from the private build of step 2.

Are we doing something wrong? Is this scenario not possible with TeamCity?

Thanks a lot for any help

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For this to work FxCop must have snapshot dependency on Compile and dependency by artifacts on last finished Compile build.


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