TC 4.0.1: Unable to download Eclipse plugin

One of my developers is using Eclipse 3.4.1.  When he attempted to add the Teamcity Eclipse link as a software update site, he received the following error:

'Loading http://server:7000/Teamcity/update/eclipse/' has encountered a problem.

No repository found at http://server:7000/Teamcity/update/eclipse/

Details read:
No repository found at http://server:7000/Teamcity/update/eclipse/
  Error reading update site http://server:7000/Teamcity/update/eclipse/
  Server returned HTTP response code: 503 for URL: http://server:7000/Teamcity/update/eclipse/

TC was installed from the war distribution under Tomcat 6.0.16 with essentially default configuration running on a Linux server.

The user is able to pull up http://server:7000/Teamcity/update/eclipse/site.xml in his browser, but attempting to browse to the eclipse/ directory gives him (and me) a 404 error.

Has anyone seen this before, and more importantly is there a solution?

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Please check that Eclipse is configured the same way as your browser in terms of proxy or network connection.

404 error for "update/eclipse/" URL just designates there is no page at the address, but it is still valid Eclipse update site.

It seems that 503 error you get is served by another server, not TeamCity.

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Other users were able to download the plugin without issue, so it appears to be particular to one user's configuration.  I was able to pull the eclipse plugin directory over to a local LAN drive and he loaded it from there.  Thanks for your advice!


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