Please help: Build Agent Issues

I've decided to add build agent.
I've seen a statement somewhere on this forum that it could take some time for agent to update its plugins etc.
2 hours past, but agent is still in "disconnected" state.
I've reviewed agent's and server logs and found that agent is repeatably updating - the same files, the same flow.
At least it said

[2009-01-30 16:58:56,072]   INFO - - Agent has exited with code: 1
[2009-01-30 16:58:56,072]   INFO - - Too short run time, most likely there is some installation problem: 0.031 sec.
[2009-01-30 16:58:56,072]   INFO - - Launcher is exiting

and no more records to the log files.
No firewalls between them, LAN, ping successful.

Please, HELP
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Hello Yulian,

   How did you install the build agent and how do you start it?
   If you're starting it as a Windows Service, please try to disable the service and start build agent with bin/agent.bat script.
   Would it work?



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