command line runner & STDERR


I have a small question concerning the TC command line runner (in TC 4.0.1).

What kind of messages are interpreted as "error messages" for the command line runner?

I have a shell script which is executed by the command line runner.  If this script emmits  any message on STDERR the status of the build should be FAILED.

Currently all messages on SDERR are treated as warnings. They are logged in orange oin the "build log :: Importang messages" tab, but the build has status SUCCESS despite the fact that the option "Fail build if: an error message is logged by build runner " is activated.

So, what is the exact definition of an error message for the command line runner? Are there some required keywords? Or did I found a minor bug


Any hints?


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Hello Alex,

  To have a failed build with command-line runner, your build script should fail with non-zero exit code.

  STDERR messages are not treated as errors for command-line runner by the moment (and, in fact, for command line runner you can log error messages only using TeamCity service messages).

  Please file a request for enhancement to consider STDERR messages as errors when corresponding option is enabled for the build configuration:

  Kind regards,

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Hello KIR,

thanks for the prompt reply and the clarification.

I filed



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