Ability to step to same page of next build

I often find myself needing to change something minor on many builds like a System property or a build parameter.  It would be really helpful if there was a way to got to the same builder config page of the next build for the project.

Need to add a new param -Dfoo=bar to three builds (A,B,C).  You'd go to build A, go to the Runner page and apply the change.  From there if there were next build / previous build buttons in the header it would be much quicker to go to build B's Runner page (one click instead of going to the project, waiting for it load, finding the build I want, clicking on Edit and clicking on Runner).  It would also make it easier to look at a bunch of build configs quickly.

Before I enter a feature request, anyone know if such a feature is already on the backlog?


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Hello Tom,

  This is really good idea.
  I suppose that we could create a drop-down popup near edited project name in navigation breadcrumbs, instead of (or in addition to) next/prev links.

  You may also take a look/vote for related issues: TW-4939 and TW-4078 .

  Kind regards,

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Hi Kirill,

I just voted for TW-4939 - it's also something I've been wishing was in there.  Not entirely sure about the other one.  Text areas would be really nice for some fields (my ant targets especially tend to be really long) but I don't think I'd like a completely key / value properties editor for the whole build.

I'll log mine now since it is different enough from TW-4939 to warrant both I think.



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