sln2008 build keeps going forever with no error

Hi there,

I am complete new to TeamCity and the installation was painless so far. After I got all things up and running, I tested with a small sample project and everything was great. But when I config it to build a real solution containing about 30 projects, the first several projects are built no problem and then it just keeps building one of the projects forever, it doesn't report any error (if no timeout set) and it just doesn't complete. The same thing happens with the same project every time.

Here is my settings: TeamCity server runs on a Windows 2003 server and the build agent on a Vista Ultra machine. The build runner is sln2008 and the solution file is the same one used in VS2008. That's it.

My understanding is that runner sln2008 will use the .Net 3.5 MSBuild. So I tried to run MSBuild with the working copy on the command line, and everything built successfully with no error.

Did anybody ever have a similar problem? Or what I can check to see what's the problem?



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Have you started msbuild under the same user as build agent service is running? Could you please change agent service
username to some user with administrative rights. Do you have Windows Vista's UAC enabled for build agent machine?



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