Using own properties for code coverage

Hi *,

is there a possibility to run code coverage (Emma for a Java project) with your own properties, let's say taken from a .properties file?

Simple example: I would like to change the default sorting in the code coverage result (html overview) - I like to sort first by name instead of block.

I created a file named with the following content:
report.sort = +name,+block,+method,+class

Then I passed the properties with "Coverage instrumentation parameters:" in the "Coverage Info" section in my Ant Build Runner:

Also passing a sort parameter directly seems not to work:


It seems that TeamCity overrides my settings... any suggestions?

Thanks in advance

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  In your case, you should specify system property with value +name,+block,+method,+class in TeamCity UI (in the section System properties and environment variables).

  Hope this helps,

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Works just fine.

Many thanks


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