Help requried in VCS Creation

Hi All,

           I am new to TeamCity product and i need some information about  the how to configure the Clearcase view to TeamCity. I have installed the TeamCity 4.0.2 version in my machine and i accepted the end user license agreeement and i have created one Administrator Account and i have a created a new project. now i am trying to configure the VCS. Could you please let me know how to create VCS configuration and currently and currently we are using the ClearCase as a sourcecontrol (Dynamic view)

In the Team city, there is a option called CreationVCS and i clicked that option but its asking details and i am not understand how to fill the following items.

1. VCSRoot name

could you please let me know Createation of VCS and BuildConfiguration. Its very urgent for me

Thanks & Regards

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  Please refer this page regarding ClearCase configuration in TeamCity:



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