Personal Builds - will the whole thing run on the same build agent?

We are just in the process of getting all of our projects running on TeamCity, and we are discussing how we can use it.  We really like the personal build feature, and we wanted to confirm exactly what happens when you run a "personal build" or "remote run".

We have one instance of TeamCity running and two build agents. We have many projects with many dependencies.  For a simple example, say ProjectA depends on ProjectB and ProjectC.  When a developer makes a change in ProjectA, we would like him/her to do a personal build on ProjectA.  We have the dependencies set up in TeamCity so that it will run the dependencies after any changes are made.  So it will run a build on ProjectA, and if/when that is successful, it will run ProjectB and ProjectC.

We noticed that when we have the builds triggering off of an SVN commit, sometimes the build for ProjectA would run on one machine, and then when it is complete, it would kick off builds for ProjectB and ProjectC, which may or may not happen on the same machine that ran the build for ProjectA.  Especially for personal builds, all 3 builds must happen on the same build agent, otherwise the personal build does not test what it seems to test.  Can someone tell me if this is the case or not?  When a personal build is kicked off, will it plus any dependencies all run on the same build agent?

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Hello Elizabeth,

   If a developer runs a personal build for ProjectA only, this won't trigger builds for Project B and Project C. For a personal build dependency triggers are disabled.
   Developer should select all Project A,B,C from IDE plugin UI to run all 3 personal builds.

   And there is no guarantee that all the builds will run on the same build agent. In fact, by the moment there is no way in TeamCity to force running dependent builds on the same build agent. Please file an issue in our tracker at



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