Manage CI Builds with Branches

Hey folks,

We are trying to adopt a slightly more sophisticated source control scheme to eliminate some synchronization problems we've experienced.

Currently, for each of 7 projects, we have a CI build (aka Developer Build) and an Integration Build.  These are watching the folders */Development/** and */Integration/** respectively,

We want to move to a scheme whereby we branch our production code (aka Integration) to, for example */09.03.01/** with the Developer Build happening on that branch.

I am guessing that this will be a manual job for the team lead (or whomever) who will have to branch the code in the SCM, then go change the Development Build to look for changes in the branch (instead of the static */Development/** branch as now) since the branch name will change every week.

If I were to change the name of the Build too, will the history be maintained?  Or should I be just changing the SCM VCS Root?  Should I add a new root for each version?

Comments?  Ideas?

Thanks in advance - Jonathan

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Hello Jonathan,

  As I understand, you can either

  1. Change VCS root settings
  2. Use common VCS root for all your builds and use Checkout rules to get specific branches of your code.

  Please see the docs about details of Checkout rules configuration.

  Hope this helps,


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