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           I need some information about TeamCity. Currently i am working in .Net Technology with ClearCase. Now we are trying to Automate the test case execution. I would like to know whether team city supports the remote execution of test cases on different machines with out configuring the project. When we configure exe or dll to teamcity, we need to run the test cases on remote machines by using configured exe.

Currently i have installed TeamCity 4.0.2 in my machine and i configured my machihne as a server machine. I configured the build settings and VCS root options. I installed the build agents on my machines, i dont know how to build the solution and how to run the test cases with the help of Teamcity.
Could you please let me know " what is the main adavantage of BuildAgents and how it works" and how can i run the test cases on remote test machines. how can i configure remote test machines to TeamCity, Whether i have to install TeamCity in all the remote machines or i have to configure in server machine is sufficient.

I have lot of questions regarding TeamCity, Please let me know whether is it possible to execution of test case on remote machihes or give me your valuable suggestion how to automate the test cases with the help of TeamCity.

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   Please refer the build runner configuration documentation at

   I suppose you need to configure build runners for your build configurations.

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