Is a Runner Mandatory?

Hello folks,

I am sure this question has been asked and answered - but I wasn't finding the answer through my searches.

I am trying to setup a build for 2 different platforms from a single source base.

To build for 2 platforms I've ended up with 4 configurations:
1) Base Configuration - to support the shared build number trick
2) Platform 1 configuration
3) Platform 2 configuration
4) Builder configuration - this one causes the overall build to happen, labels source repository on success, and collects artifacts.

I think I've figured out how to setup dependencies and artifact collection appropriately so that all this will work, but one thing I'm not sure about is how to not run any runners.  I don't see any need to run any runners for #1 and #4.  Is there a trick or best practice to setup a no-op always successful runner?  I am about to setup a dummy Command Line runner - but that doesn't seem terribly elegant.

Any advice?

As always, much thanks,


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No responses yet.  I wonder, did my question make sense? Or already answered maybe?

Anyways, we are running on a Windows platform, so I ended up creating a dummyrunner.bat file which contains:

@echo off
echo Dummy runner for TeamCity
exit 0


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We also have almost exactly the same scenario.  I'm using the ant runner, which a dummy build file containing a single no-op target.


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