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           I have read the documentation about TeamCity. I would like to ask, Could you please tell me how to install the Build agents on different machines.
Currently i have installed the Teamcity professional edition (4.0.2) in my machine and it acts as a server machine. I have configured the project to Teamcity, now i am able to build the solution and executing the test cases in my machines. Now my requirement is execution of the test cases on remote machines.

I have few questions related to Build Agents. Now i am able to install the Build Agents in my machine, but i want to install the BuildAgents on different machines and i want to build the solution on those machines. Do i need to install TeamCity on all other machines or Do i need to install only Build Agents to those machines.

Please let me know, how to install the BuildAgents on remote machines and how to configure the agents to server machines.

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There is no need to install TeamCity server on agents. The simplest way to install agent is to log into the agent PC, start browser and point it to the TeamCity server. Then on the agents tab click on Install Build Agent link (top right corner) and choose Java web start installation.

If you can't launch browser then simply download required build agent distribution (.exe, .zip) and install it manually.


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