Invalid download path when listing artifact directory


After a fresh install of TeamCity 4.0.2 I get the following error when I click on any of the builds in listed at /repository/download/bt2

I followed the instructions in the documentation to be able to use wget to download artifacts however I can't get any directory listings. If I hit the correct URL for a file it allows me to download it.

I'm not sure if it is a Tomcat problem, but in the stdout log I get messages like this:
[2009-02-25 09:08:16,781]   WARN - s.RepositoryDownloadController - Invalid download path: repository/download/bt2/latest.lastFinished


HTTP Status 404 - Invalid download path: repository/download/bt2/latest.lastFinished

type Status report
message Invalid download path: repository/download/bt2/latest.lastFinished
description The requested resource (Invalid download path: repository/download/bt2/latest.lastFinished) is not available.

Apache Tomcat/6.0.18

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Urls like thise are not supported, TeamCity currently cannot generate list of artifacts of a build in HTML format suitable for wget. However you can download teamcity-ivy.xml file which will contain all artifacts in Ivy XML format:

Feel free to submit a feature request to our tracker:

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Thanks Pavel

At this stage I don't think we want to use Ivy. I will most likely create a script based on the teamcity-ivy.xml file for now.

I have logged an enhanement:



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