Dependent builds in teamcity

We are using teamcity 4.0.2 enterprise version. I have a build A for which I have configured a dependent build B(Snapshot Dependency). Builds A and B can run on multiple agents. When build A is triggered, build B is automatically triggered and placed in the queue before A. But the problem is that Build B could run on any number of compatible agents and Build A will not necesarily run on the same agent that build B ran. What I would like to do is to have build A run on the same agent as build B for any given run. Is there a way I can force both builds to run on the same agent (other than ofcourse having only one compatible agent for both of these builds)?Any help is appreciated.


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I guess I should have checked the forums first . It seems there is no way to have both the builds to run on the same agent for any given run (Thanks Yegor). Do you plan to have this feature available to customers soon?



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