Giving access to developers to run certain builds but not others


       I was going to give our developers access to login to team city so they could see the status of builds.  I also considered using team city notifier tray.  If the developer has access to login then they can start any build they want.  From the notifier tray, there is no ability to start a build like in CC.

Anybody have any thoughts?


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Does anybody know how to set privileges so certain builds can be run by certain logins?

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In TeamCity permissions are project based. If you do not want to give your developers permission to start a build you can do it for the whole project only. Moreover this is possible in TeamCity enterprise only. If this is what you need and you are using enterprise version, take a look at the .BuildServer/config/roles-config.xml file. There you can define custom role with required permissions and then you can assign this role to developers.


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