"Stacked" dependencies for triggering one build

Hello TeamCity community,
Is there a way to set up "stacked" (for lack of a better term) dependencies? What I mean is this: I'd like to have a build that runs once some set of dependencies are met, but ONLY if all of the dependencies are met.

E.g. I have a build that needs artifacts from three different builds to function correctly. How can I set up TeamCity so that the build I care about will only fire off when all three builds it depends on are green?

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If you are using TeamCity 4.0.x you can make your build depend on these three builds by snapshot dependencies. Then for each dependency you can specify whether to run a build if dependency fails. Note that if you are using snapshot dependencies to ensure that your build takes artifacts from the right dependencies your build should use "last finished" artifact dependency.

Note that although actual build will not start on an agent a record in the build history will still be created.


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