Publish artifact on network share UNC?

I've searched around quite a bit, so I hope this is not a common question, although to me it seems it should be.

I'm migrating from CC.NET, where I had a buildpublisher that would copy the result of my build to a Windows UNC network share.  The share is a location well-known to our entire development team that is a single source for the latest beta build.  As such, it's pretty important that it not change and that the build system be able to deposit artifacts there.

However, according to the documentation, it seems that TeamCity can only publish artifacts relative to its working directory.  Is this true?  That seems like an awfully big limitation that isn't present in other less featureful systems.  Perhaps I'm missing the forest for the trees here.

In the meantime, I'm not sure what to do.  Build a custom script to push?

Any help appreciated.


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Build agents publish artifacts to TeamCity server where they are stored in the .BuildServer/system/artifacts directory. This directory can be shared by network. If you need some special directory structure for your artifacts you can write a plugin for the server which will listen for build finished event and republish artifacts to some other place:

Artifacts can be downloaded from the web too and from the scripts (there are permalinks for last finished/successful or pinned builds):


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