MS SQL 2005 Express, Team City, website won't load issue

I'm trying to setup MS SQL 2005 Express to backup the team city database, and followed the instructions on how to setup a external datbase. After following the instructions, I tried to load up the website, but I am having an issue with the site trying to load up. The progress bar just slowly increases, but the site just doesn appear to load. My logs don't appear to show any errors either. See attached.

I added the ntlmauth.dll in the TeamCity/bin folder.
I added the jtds-1.2.2.jar in the TeamCity/webapps/ROOT/WEB-INF/lib folder.

Anybody have an ideas?

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The logs are captured in the middle of server initialization. How long did you wait till grabbing them?

If the server is not starting up for a long time, please capture a thread dump and include it together with all the fresh logs (see details at )



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