TeamCity 4.0 + Sln 2005 + Nunit

Hi All,

           This is Kiran and new to TeamCity. I have installed the TeamCity in my machine and i treat my machine as server.
I have created a snapshot view of ClearCase and i configured the project to  TeamCity and i choose the Sln2005 as a
build runner. I choose the Nunit 2.4.8 version of the Nunit to run the test cases.

Now, i want to know following one.

1.Currently when i want to run the test cases, i needs to build the solution file every time? Is it necessary to
   build the solution file every time? Is there any possibility to skip the build and i want to run test cases only
   with Nunit?

2. I have one configuration file is there for execution of the nunit test cases. How can i  modify the configuration file
before executing the test cases.

3. If  i install one build agent on another machine , i didn't see the Test button option in the Main menu. How can i run the
test cases on another build agent.

Please help me in the above ones, its very urgent for me. Is there any video's or other useful links about TeamCity.

Thanks in Advance

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